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Why Irvington Elementary?

Irvington school is a close knit community dedicated to the success of all students and families. At Irvington we benefit from small class sizes and a talented, experienced staff. Students at Irvington have access to art, music, P.E. and library. In addition to these specials the Irvington PTA funds exciting enrichment opportunities such as African drumming and dance for all students. A wide variety of afterschool programming is offered at Irvington with scholarships for students who qualify.

Irvington school has lots of fun and exciting opportunities to build community. From our Back to School BBQ, to our Fall Festival and our springtime Spaghetti Dinner, Irvington enjoys many PTA sponsored community events. Family gym nights, Movie nights and Free Popcorn Mondays are offered throughout the year. 

Please take a look below and explore all the wonderful programs and events Irvington has to offer.

Spirit Days!

  • Sept 9: Pajama Day
  • Oct 21: Mismatched Clothes
  • Nov 10: Dress like an Irvington Teacher
  • Dec 9: Sparkles!
  • Jan 13: Rainbow Day
  • Feb 10: Hat Day
  • Mar 10: Future Career Day
  • Apr 14: Hobby Day
  • May 12: Twin Day

Popcorn Mondays!

Popcorn Mondays Join the Irvington community most Mondays after school for a bag of popcorn. And it’s more than just popcorn: it’s an opportunity to talk, connect and laugh. Please consider talking to someone you don’t know (yet); the strength of our school depends on the strength and diversity of our relationships

Our Programs

Classroom Volunteers

Most teachers welcome volunteers in their classrooms. Individual teachers have their own system for arranging for and utilizing volunteers. If you are interested in helping in the classroom, check with your child’s teacher.

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Clothing Center

Portland Public Schools provide a clothes closet at Marshall High School for children in need of basic clothing. PTA volunteers staff the closet – each school is requested to staff the closet two times per year. Irvington staffs generally in September and again in February. We need 6-8 volunteers per shift. For more information, contact Jessica Farley (

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Library Volunteers

Volunteers are welcome and needed in the library for both library planning and hands-on library tasks. For more information, contact Steffanie Audel:

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Oregon Battle of the Books

The Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) is a statewide program to encourage reading for enjoyment, broaden reading interests, increase comprehension, and promote cooperative learning. Students in grades 3 through 8 form teams and read from the list of 3rd – 5th OBOB books and 6th-8th OBOB books. The teams compete in Jeopardy-style “battles” at Irvington. The team with the best score moves on to represent our school in battles against other teams from the state. The Irvington battles are held in January and February and the regional competition is in March. For more information, contact or visit

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They’ve done it again! Our Eagle Readers have surpassed our expectations, blew off the top of the thermometer, and earned all three school-wide prizes:  extra

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Safety Patrol

Irvington has a student safety patrol which is stationed at the Brazee/14th and Thompson/14th intersections before and after school. Fifth graders may volunteer for safety patrol and are trained by visiting Portland police officers. Safety patrol is a year-long commitment capped by a trip to Oaks Park at the end of the school year. Contact: Roseann Bennett at

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