Read A Thon

55,066 Minutes!

Our Irvington Readers have impressed us all, filled that thermometer all the way up, and earned the top prize: a DANCE PARTY!  Each and  every minute helped the school meet the highest goal as they inched their way across the finish line late Friday night.  In the end, the school posted an impressive total of 55,066 minutes!

We are so proud of all our readers who worked so hard.

Thank you to all those who participated in this fundraiser by either supporting their readers, logging their minutes, checking the leaderboard, and/or sponsoring their student.  This has been a hugely successful fundraiser, especially being our first time ever having a Read-A-Thon!  Thank you Eagles!

To recap – all students have earned an EXTRA RECESS, a POPCORN PARTY, and a DANCE PARTY!

They did it!

Dance Party
55,066 minutes we did it!