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Irvington After School Activities

Here are the Spring 2024 after school class offerings! Registration is closed.

Note: These programs are provided to families as a resource and are not endorsed or sponsored by Irvington School or the PTA.

Some classes have a minimum number of students in order to run, so share with school friends which ones your kiddos are attending!

If you have ideas for activities you would like to see offered, contact Lexi Buell (, the parent volunteer coordinator of after-school activities.

Drama Club Create your own play! See your imagination come to life with Northwest Children’s Theater’s Create-Your-Own Play Class! Explore the wonderful world of dramatic arts through theater games, character creation, and imaginative world-building. Then, transform the stories you create into a theatrical presentation while developing your acting and performance skills!
Art with Julie Mythology in Art. A good story is a great starting point for art making especially when the story includes powerful gods/goddesses, fantastical creatures and unreal lands. In this class we will explore a variety of cultural myths from around the globe. Projects will include scratch art, mask making and drawing/painting projects. As a teacher I strive for an exciting open-minded classroom. I encourage students to engage in a dialogue of feedback and guidance, motivating them to reach their full potential as artists. Julie Perko has taught after school art at Irvington Elementary for many years. She ran the art studio at the Portland Art Museum where she taught classes and introduced young people to art. She also taught art at the Madeleine School, Multnomah Arts Center and the Portland Art Institute.
Art with Mrs. Reed – Passport to Art
Soccer/Futsol After school futsol/soccer enrichment class led by Irvington parent Mike Benkoski. Kids will learn basic soccer fundamentals, play structured games, learn team building skills, and have fun! All proceeds from this class will go to the Irvington PTA.
Pokemon Club Come learn how to play the Pokemon game, trade cards and learn how to play all kinds of Pokemon inspired games and activities. Each student will receive their own pack of cards with enrollment in the Pokemon class. All grade are welcome. All trades will be monitored and must be approved by leaders. $200 for 10 weeks. All proceeds donated to the Irvington PTA. Led by Irvington Parent Mike Benkoski.
Lego Club Join the *new* LEGO Club at Irvington with the Tinker-Westwood Family! Students will build on creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking skills and cooperation using LEGO to build solutions to various engineering design challenges. Each week we will have a theme/building challenge, though students will always have the option to free build.
Yoga Playgrounds In these fun and active classes kids will stretch and energize their bodies and minds through individual and group poses, mindfulness games and creative relaxation techniques. Packed with playfulness, positivity and fun, these classes give kids the tools they need to manage their behaviors to lead happier, healthier and more peaceful lives.
Clay Club This 10 week course is designed for kids to explore their creativity through the medium of clay. Learning technique and individual expression will help them create a body of work unique to each child. Taught by Micki Skudlarczyk, founder of Portland’s Owl and Bee Clay Company.
Ukulele Beginning Ukulele, taught by Tim Uecker. This class is for anyone new to the ukulele, or with very little experience playing this instrument. Tim will provide all teaching materials – the student must have a ukulele. The fun in music starts for you now!!
Chess Club with Robert Seigwarth- The goal is to provide a location to learn, study, ask questions about, and play Chess. Sets and boards will be provided, bring only your brains (and your backpack)!
Tumble & Groove with Ms.Wichwith Ms.Wich Irvington’s own Tumble & Groove Team learns dances & gymnastics tricks with Ms. Wich. Students will work on developing strength, rhythm, and teamwork all while learning some gymnastics and having fun to music! Ms. Wich is currently a part of a professional dance company in Portland, Oregon. Come join us! Students in grade 2-5 who have body awareness & some muscle control are encouraged to join!
Electronic Music Club EMC provides students access to the latest in music production technology. Combining production techniques, song writing, and music theory, students are able to write their own songs, in a style of music they love. Computers, keyboards, and headphones are provided. Perfect for students of all music abilities. Taught by local music professional, Erik Carlson.
French Jamie from Culture Club teaches through movement, play and games. Children learn the basics of French and fundamental life tools to be lifelong language learners. Winter and spring term enrollment is highly encouraged for class progression and optimal acquisition. Tuition is $530 for both terms
Spanish In this Portland Early Learning Project class students will learn and practice Spanish in an interactive class full of songs, games, books, and lots of movement.
Filmmaking with Vin Shambry Filmmakers make sharable dreams. We write, direct, shoot, and edit – to craft extraordinary experiences for our parents and loved ones. At the very end, we will show our film. Irvington Filmmaker’s will ignite imagination, build confidence, and encourage new skills. Young filmmakers learn all about the different aspects of filmmaking in our fun and friendly filmmaking classes.What’s unique about filmmaking is that it combines creativity, teamwork, and technology. With a little bit of guidance and a lot of creative license, my goal is to instill that everyone can be a storyteller. We have to find out where your kid’s passion can help.
Potions & Herbology In this enchanting, hands-on arts class, make real creations for home and body like candles, tea, glitter slime, terrariums & essential oils. Taught by Allison Howard.

After School Scholarships

The PTA provides scholarships for all fee-based extracurricular activities offered at Irvington.  All students who qualify for free/reduced lunch also qualify for PTA scholarships.  Each qualified student is eligible for a scholarship for ONE after school activity per term (one ‘class’ each: Fall, Winter and Spring terms) for a total of 3 activities per year on a first come first serves basis while supplies last. 

Questions? Email:

Afterschool Care

Irvington Extended Day program offers Pre-K and Before and After care for school age children.  Click here to learn more.

Safety Patrol

Irvington has a student safety patrol which is stationed at the Brazee/14th and Thompson/14th intersections before and after school. Fifth graders may volunteer for safety patrol and are trained by visiting Portland police officers. Safety patrol is a year-long commitment capped by a trip to Oaks Park at the end of the school year. Contact: Roseann Bennett at