The PTA raises money through several fundraisers like the Auction, Irvington Community Yard Sale, and sales of Chinook Books and coffee. In particular, our energetic SCRIP team is always looking for new volunteers…


Our PTA auction is the main fundraising event for the PTA for the year. Last year we raised over $125,000 for our classes and programs. Helping out with the auction is fun, rewarding, and a great way to meet other parents.  It takes a community to organize each auction and the event itself is a lot of fun! Volunteer needs are many and extensive opportunities vary from standing committees to one-night-only volunteers. For more information, contact our team ( or visit the Auction page.  Donate to the auction here.

To donate to the Irvington School PTA directly, contact Jen Maas at or drop off a check in the PTA treasury mailbox in the school office. Please indicate whether your donation is anonymous and/or whether your donation is earmarked for a specific program.  The Irvington PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Chinook Book
With over 400 valuable coupons for organic food and dining, local arts and culture, green home, gardening, travel and recreation, Chinook Book users save hundreds of dollars while exploring our community and supporting local, sustainable businesses. For more information, contact Melanie Hatfield ( or visit the Chinook Book page.

In conjunction with Portland Roasting, the PTA offers high-quality coffee for sale at competitive prices, with almost 50% coming back to our school. For more information, contact Christina Shields ( or visit the Coffee page.

SCRIP is an ongoing fundraising program that allows families to purchase gift cards or gift certificates for grocery stores, restaurants and other retailers. Our school receives a percentage of the sale (usually 4-10%). For more information, contact our team ( or visit the SCRIP page.

If you have a Safeway club card you can register it online to donate a percentage of your purchase to the school of your choice. Select “Irvington” as your beneficiary. You can sign up friends and family, too. Do it today!

Any time you are about to go shopping on Amazon, please click on our Amazon referral link.  Amazon gives us a small percentage for the referral, but it adds up – last year we made about $500 from people doing this!

Neighborhood Yard Sale
Irvington parents coordinate a neighborhood full of single- and multi-family garage sales each summer. Participants pay a fee to receive advertising and signage for their sale and to be included on the map. Volunteers are needed to promote the sale, process registrations, solicit advertising, distribute signage and create the map. For more information, contact



Looking for a way to volunteer with kids at Irvington? Consider one of these hands-on opportunities to explore and share the world with the students of Irvington School.

There are two paths to signing-up to volunteer: either contact the person listed under the opportunity you are interested in below OR for a whole different set of volunteer opportunities, you can check out our new virtual sign-up sheet at this link:

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on


Battle of the Books (OBOB)
The Oregon Battle of the Books is a statewide program to encourage reading for enjoyment, broaden reading interests, increase comprehension, and promote cooperative learning. Students in grades 3 through 8 form teams and schedule practices with a parent leader. They compete in Jeopardy-style “battles” at Irvington, then 2 teams go on to represent our school in battles against other Oregon teams. The initial rounds are in Jan.-Feb. with the regional competition in March. For more information, contact Ana Simantel ( or visit

Bear Mail
Bear Mail is a fun, practical writing program for 1st-3rd graders. Students write letters to each other and a parent volunteer works with small groups of students to sort, cancel, and count the Bear Mail letters and deliver them to the classrooms. For more information, contact Miriam Al Faiz ( or other 1st – 3rd grade teachers.

Classroom Volunteers
Most teachers welcome volunteers in their classrooms. Individual teachers have their own system for arranging for and utilizing volunteers. If you are interested in helping in the classroom, check with your child’s teacher.

Clothing Closet
Portland Public Schools provide a clothes closet at Marshall High School for children in need of basic clothing. PTA volunteers staff the closet – each school is requested to staff the closet two times per year. Irvington staffs generally in September and again in February. We need 6-8 volunteers per shift. For more information, contact Lulu Barker ( or Anna Hoffert (

Love to garden? Join your children as they grow fruit and vegetables and play in the dirt. For more information, contact Gillian Carson (

Volunteers are welcome and needed in the library for both library planning and hands-on library tasks. For more information, contact Jen Maas (

School Grounds
Since PPS has only two year-round groundskeepers on staff to maintain 753 acres of school property, there is always something to be done on the school grounds! Join Irvington families Sunday mornings between 10:30 and noon to clean up and play. The School Grounds Improvement Committee organizes Irvington families and neighbors for fall and spring school group maintenance and clean up. For more information, contact Steve Zich or Constance Plager (

SMART (Start Making a Reader Today)
SMART is an early literacy program that provides kids with the two things they need most to learn to read: adult attention and books. SMART volunteers are matched with two students and spend one hour a week at school reading one-on-one with each child for 30 minutes. For more information, contact Margaret Morton (

Spaghetti Dinner
A long-standing tradition at Irvington, Spaghetti Dinner is more than just good food — the opportunity to relax and socialize with others in the school community clearly adds to its popularity! Volunteers are needed to organize, set up the dinner, and help clean up.  For more information, contact Judy Becher & Jeff Wallace ( &

Yearbooks are available to order in the early spring. The yearbooks include individual and class pictures as well as pictures of student activities and events. Parent volunteers assist with yearbook planning and collaboration. For more information, contact Amy Drew (

All adult volunteers must have a background check every three years.

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