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PTA Budget

Revenue Sources

Funded Activites and Programs


The March auction is our single largest fundraising event of the year representing ~75% of our annual revenue. Local business and community members donate items and services that attendees of the auction then bid on raise money for the Irvington Elementary School PTA.

Pie Sale

Our annual October Pie Sale where PTA members sell pies to friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. to raise money for the PTA.

Evergreen Sale

Our annual November sale of wreaths, garlands, centerpieces and more!  All locally sourced from Teufel Holly Farms, these fragrant, seasonal gifts can be hand delivered or even mailed direct to family, friends or business associates! 


Our annual read-a-thon where all the students work together read as many minutes as they can for a month sponsored by the Irvington Elementary community to raise money for the PTA and win a dance party for the students.


RaiseRight allows you to individually purchase gift cards from over 750 vendors and a percentage of the gift card is then donated by the vendor to our PTA.  You can order e-cards (recommended – these can be used from an electronic wallet on the app on your phone for immediate use), or have physical cards from select vendors sent to your home (for a small shipping fee).  The cost of the card to you is the same (with a $0.15 transaction fee for a debit transaction), but a percentage (up to 18%!) of the amount of the card is donated to the PTA.

Fred Meyer Rewards

Every time you shop at Fred Meyer and use your  rewards card, Irvington PTA will automatically get  a contribution from Fred Meyer. You will still  receive all your earned Rewards Points, Fuel  Points, and Rebates!

Restaurant Nights

Every few weeks a different local restaurant hosts a restaurant night and agrees share a % of the revenue from guests that come to support Irvington Elementary.

Apparel Store

Sales from generated from selling Irvington Elementary swag.

Box Top Program

Use of the Box Top app to snap a photo of your receipt within 14 days of purchase. It’ll automatically identify any Box Tops participating products and you’ll give back to our school with each product you buy. 

If you shop online, you can earn with your digital or email receipt, too.

Misc. Fundrasing

Other fundraising activities.

End of Year Giving

Come tax time and you owe Uncle Sam after your itemized deductions you can donate to the PTA instead.

Garden Plot Fees

Fees collected from the community garden. 

Membership Dues

net $.50/member


Interest earned on the PTA fund balance.