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Garden Program Proposal 2023/2024

Garden Program Proposal 2023/2024 Organizer: Caroline Sykes (4th grade teacher) and Laura Westwood (parent) Proposal: Fund a garden program for all students for the 2023-24 school year through a partnership with Grow Portland Estimated Costs: The cost of partnering with Grow Portland is about $15,000 for the entire school year, or $60/student.  Objectives and Considerations:   […]

Scholarship Proposal Spring 2023

Scholarship Proposal Spring 2023 Proposal for Irvington PTA Funding  Organizer: Amanda Torrey  Proposal: Fund After-School Activity Scholarships for the Spring Term 2023  Estimated Costs:  Registration period for Spring Term will be March 12-24th? (Before Spring Break) 20-25 Scholarships for After School Activities  Total $5,000  Objective: To create more extracurricular learning opportunities for Irvington students who […]