55,066 Minutes! Our Irvington Readers have impressed us all, filled that thermometer all the way up, and earned the top prize: a DANCE PARTY!  Each and  every minute helped the school meet the highest goal as they inched their way across the finish line late Friday night.  In the end, the school posted an impressive total […]

Safety Patrol

Irvington has a student safety patrol which is stationed at the Brazee/14th and Thompson/14th intersections before and after school. Fifth graders may volunteer for safety patrol and are trained by visiting Portland police officers. Safety patrol is a year-long commitment capped by a trip to Oaks Park at the end of the school year. Contact: Roseann Bennett at

Clothing Center

Portland Public Schools provide a clothes closet at Marshall High School for children in need of basic clothing. PTA volunteers staff the closet – each school is requested to staff the closet two times per year. Irvington staffs generally in September and again in February. We need 6-8 volunteers per shift. For more information, contact Jessica Farley (

Library Volunteers

Volunteers are welcome and needed in the library for both library planning and hands-on library tasks. For more information, contact Steffanie Audel: