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They’ve done it again! Our Eagle Readers have surpassed our expectations, blew off the top of the thermometer, and earned all three school-wide prizes:  extra recess, popcorn party and DANCE PARTY!!  So many of our students contributed to this endeavor and every minute helped reach the final school-wide minute total of 66,715!!! We are so proud […]

Safety Patrol

Irvington has a student safety patrol which is stationed at the Brazee/14th and Thompson/14th intersections before and after school. Fifth graders may volunteer for safety patrol and are trained by visiting Portland police officers. Safety patrol is a year-long commitment capped by a trip to Oaks Park at the end of the school year. Contact: Roseann Bennett at

Clothing Center

Portland Public Schools provide a clothes closet at Marshall High School for children in need of basic clothing. PTA volunteers staff the closet – each school is requested to staff the closet two times per year. Irvington staffs generally in September and again in February. We need 6-8 volunteers per shift. For more information, contact Jessica Farley (

Library Volunteers

Volunteers are welcome and needed in the library for both library planning and hands-on library tasks. For more information, contact Steffanie Audel: