Irvington School Auction

Melody Ballroom on March 3rd, 2017

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The Dancers

Joel Andersen

  • Years at Irvington School: 6
  • Kids: Charlet (5th grade), Chauncey (4th grade), Chayse (1st grade)
  • Spouse: Misti
  • Favorite dancer: Cha Cha DiGregorio from Saint Burnadettes! (Grease baby!) She had so much attitude and really believed that she was the best! I love her spunk!!!
  • Dance background: I really feel that inside my 6’7” frame, lives a real life tiny dancer…this has enabled me to let him out, to count the headlights on the highway, you know to lay me down on sheets of linen ...
  • Signature move: Hands down the spin move!  I’ve got an incredible spin, maybe the greatest spin in America ...
  • Favorite thing about Irvington School: The people ... all of them! I love the families that pour themselves into making this school the most amazing place to send your kids! I love the pride of the students and the teachers…you can feel their love! I love Ms. Ellwood! She has an enormous heart for these kids and these families…It is a very special place. I love it!!!

Aryne Blumklotz

  • Years at Irvington School: 2nd generation Irvington School family
  • Kids: Kathe (7th grade), Ike (5th grade)
  • Spouse: Jason
  • Favorite dancers: My daughter Kathe…If we're talking famous dancers there's too many to name: Ben Vareen, Misty Copeland, the Alvin Ailey dancers, Alyson Stoner (from Missy Elliott's early videoes), Michael Jackson and since prepping for this I've got a new appreciation for Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
  • Dance background: Studied dance as a kid - mostly ballet but also contemporary, modern dance and some tap and musical theater.
  • Signature move: Quintuple pirouette, although I haven’t mastered it yet.
  • Favorite thing about Irvington School:  I love that my kids go to the same school that their dad, aunt and uncle attended. It's fun to see a second generation at Irvington.

Biola Cruse

  • Years at Irvington School: 12 (been involved in the community for 20 years)
  • Kids: Kaeden (4th grade), Espen & Bryce (1st grade)
  • Spouse: Liv
  • Favorite dancer: The Nicholas Brothers, Gregory Hines and yes….MJ!!!
  • Dance background: Minimal ... grew up dancing to MTV music videos.
  • Signature move: You’ll see it at the auction!
  • Favorite thing about Irvington School: The involvement and commitment of the Irvington staff and parents.

Crystal Ball

  • Years at Irvington School: 15…yikes!
  • Kids: Christian (7th grade), Paige (Grant junior), Kadeem (college sophomore). Kadeem was in Nancy’s Kindergarten the first year of the auction!
  • Favorite dancer: Michael Jackson and Misty Copeland
  • Dance background: No real background, besides just the LOVE of dancing!
  • Signature move: Two step with a finger snap
  • Favorite thing about Irvington School: I love seeing some of the same dedicated educators still at Irvington working to educate and empower our students 15 years later.


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Platinum Polka - $5000

Golden Waltz - $2500

Silver Swing - $1000

Famous Foxtrot - $500

Courageous Cha Cha Cha - $250