Irvington Neighborhood Yard Sale 2018
Saturday, June 2,  9 am – 4 pm

This year’s Irvington Neighborhood Yard Sale will be on Saturday, June 2.  Maps will be available the morning of the sale at Peet’s Coffee on NE Broadway/NE 15th Ave and at Starbucks on NE Fremont/NE 15th Ave, as well as online via Google Maps and on our Facebook page:


If you live in the Irvington Neighborhood (between NE Broadway and NE Fremont, and between NE 7th and NE 28th), please consider being a part of this community event by having a yard sale on June 2nd. 

Registration forms can be found here. 



To participate in the sale:

Return your registration form along with your $35 registration fee ($60 for multi-family sales) no later than May 25th. Your registration will place your sale and description on the neighborhood map, and then you keep all the proceeds from your sale.

*New this year: we’ve added artist open studios!

**Save $5 off your registration fee if you send in your form before May 11, 2018.


During April and May, we need volunteers to help distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood. Please email Don or Chris at if you can spare an hour or two to deliver flyers to your neighbors.


There is also room on the map for local businesses to advertise – just $60 for a business card sized ad, which is a tax-deductible donation to the Irvington SchoolPTA.  Please email Don at for more information.

The Irvington Neighborhood Yard Sale is put on by the Irvington School PTA.
All registration fees go to benefit Irvington’s public school.

Let’s make 2018 the best and biggest Neighborhood Yard Sale yet!


How is the Irvington Neighborhood Yard Sale similar to having your own yard sale?

  • You pull out all your unused items that are just taking up space and collecting dust, put it all on your lawn, and spend the day talking with neighbors while making some cash for passing these items on to a better home.
  • You keep all the proceeds from your sale.


How is the Irvington Neighborhood Yard Sale different than having your own yard sale?

  • It’s a community event, which draws in crowds from all over Portland (i.e. more shoppers).
  • It’s a fundraiser for your neighborhood school – the $35 registration fee goes to the Irvington School PTA (and is considered a tax deductible donation).
  • You don’t have to make signs or post information about your sale anywhere – your $35 registration fee puts your sale on a map that is distributed at local coffee shops and online.  We also provide you with a sign that says you’re part of this neighborhood event.


It’s a win-win!  The more people that participate, the better it will be for everyone.  Please share this with your friends and neighbors. 


Please email Chris or Don at for more information