Children are born true scientists. They spontaneously experiment and experience and re-experience again. They select, combine, and test, seeking to find order in their experiences – “which is the mostest? which is the leastest?” They smell, taste, bite, and touch-test for hardness, softness, springiness, roughness, smoothness, coldness, warmness: they heft, shake, punch, squeeze, push, crush, rub, and try to pull things apart. -Buckminster Fuller

Applied Sciences


bulletMOMA – Tall Buildings:


bulletBBC Math:


bulletKhan Academy:

Veterinary Medicine

bulletSmithsonian National Zoological Park – Vet Stories:


Outer Space

bulletNASA for Kids:


Botany – Plants and Growing

bulletMy First Garden:

bulletThe Great Plant Escape:

bulletA Kid’s Guide to Parts of a Flower:

Conservation Science and Endangered Species

bulletKids Planet Endangered Species Fact Sheet:

bullet*Oregon Zoo – Species Recovery and Conservation:

Ecology – Environmental Education

bullet*Portland Parks and Recreation – Environmental Education:

Entomology – Insects

bulletLet’s Talk About Insects (English and Spanish):

Ornithology – Birds

bulletAudubon At Home:

bulletCornell Lab of Ornithology:

bullet*Portland’s Migratory Birds:

Paleontology – Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

bulletPrehistoric Life:

Zoology – Animals

bulletThe Cornell Lab Elephant Listening Project:

bulletNational Geographic for Kids – Animals and Pets:

bulletNational Wildlife Federation:


bulletNatureworks full episodes:

bulletSmithsonian National Zoological Park – A to Z Animals:

bulletUnique Australian Animals:


bulletChemistry For Kids:

bulletThe Periodic Table of Elements:

Earth Sciences

Atmospheric Sciences – Weather

bulletEarth Wind Map:,12.57,336

bulletWeb Weather for Kids:

bulletWind Map:

bulletA Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change:

Geology and Volcanology

bulletDiscovery Kids:

bulletOne Geology Kids:

bulletThe Smithsonian – The Dynamic Earth:

Oceanography and Limnology – Oceans and Rivers

bulletJean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society:

bulletOceana – Marine Animal Encyclopedia:

bulletThe All Star River Explorers:


Electricity and Energy

bulletEnergy Kids:

Experiments to try at home

Steve Spangler/Sick Science videos

bulletChanging Milk Science:

bulletDry Ice Bubble:

bulletMoss Graffiti:

bulletRed Cabbage Chemistry:



bulletHow to Make a Solar Pizza Box Oven:

Famous Scientists

bulletScience Kids:

General Science

bulletBBC Science:

bulletDragonfly TV:

bulletThe Khan Academy: Math, Science and much more (advanced):

bulletBudding Scientist: Everything you wanted to know about raising science-literate kids:

bulletScience Kids:



bulletScience Friday:

bulletScience Literacy:

More Science Websites For Kids



*Local and State Ecology