Chinook Book

Download (PDF, 279KB)

Chinook Books have come to Irvington School!  This a wonderful way to save money while supporting your school! There are three ways to purchase this year:
– The original Chinook Book. This year it includes more than 100 new coupons for a total of more than 500 coupons!

– Chinook Book Mobile Coupon Pack – it has 400 additional Chinook Book coupons without having to keep the printed book at hand.

– Save $5.00 up front if you buy the two together.

You can buy Chinook books and mobile packs at school.  Just look for the Irvington school Chinook book wagon on the playground.  Cash or checks are accepted. Make checks payable to Irvington School PTA. For more information, contact Melanie Hatfield at

Download (PDF, 344KB)