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Chess Club

We are happy to continue Chess Club at Irvington Elementary this winter.  Winter session will start on Wed. January 4th and continue every Wednesday until March 15th.

Class will meet for 75 minutes. There will be a short lesson led by chess master Fritz Balwit which will include exciting demonstrations from the rich lore of chess, tactical exercises and strategic tips. There will be plenty of time for friendly competition, team games, and challenging the instructor. Students will also have a chance to learn the ancient Game of Go (also called wei-qi or Baduk).

Healthy snacks will be provided. 

Students in all grades are welcome. Parents of students in K-1 should talk to the instructor before signing up to see if the class is right for your child.

Winter Chess Club is 11 weeks, and costs $120. Scholarships are available through the Irvington School PTA.

Paper registration forms available in front of the school office. Or register online by filling out this Google Form.