The following electives are offered to students in 2015-2016:

bulletENGINEERING & DESIGN: Creative minds encounter lots of hands-on challenges to solve through designing, constructing, testing, and redesigning and retesting.

bulletMUSIC & SOCIAL CHANGE: Students explore drumming and song writing with Chata Addy and local blues legend Norman Sylvester and learn the important role music plays in movements for social change.

bulletP.E./YOGA: Students strengthen their bodies and minds with high energy P.E. and calm yoga.

bulletSPANISH (8th grade – for high school credit): A lively and engaging class with spoken and written Spanish and Latin American history and culture.

bulletSPEECH & DEBATE: Students hone analytical skills and polish their public speaking.

bulletTEACHING ASSISTANT: TAs mentor younger students and help teachers. Some teach reading to kindergarteners.