Site Council

How do schools improve? One way is through the efforts of the Site Council.  In 1991, the State Legislature created the 21st Century Schools Councils (also known as Site Councils) to ensure that various stakeholders were all involved in decisions relating to their school’s continuous improvement efforts. The Irvington Site Council consists of 7 teachers, 1 staff person, 3 parents/guardians, 1 member of the community at large, and the principal. The Council is responsible for developing and implementing ongoing school improvement initiatives and staff development plans, and monitoring the progress made under the plans. Parent/Guardian representatives are elected positions. Site Council meets once a month.

Current parent representatives are Chelle Casey-Stevenson (, Shawn Helm (, and Thomas Coleman ( Teacher/staff/administration members include: Jody Burkholder, Dick Cherry, Katharine Johnson, Lisa McCall, and Regina Sackrider.

To read the site council’s meeting minutes, visit Our PTA.